the art of guiding meditations:

Unleash the architect Within

Become an architect

Have you noticed the feeling of excitement and confidence when going through a training to facilitate breathwork, meditation or any other style of holistic guidance? Then once it’s time to go out into the world, it’s almost too easy to feel locked up and lost in your ability to guide people?

This is normal. Most online courses only teach how to guide their specific meditation style and do not teach you how design with your own style which can feel robotic and rigid.

The Art Of Guiding Meditations is a full-circuit process that will teach you how to Unleash The Architect Within by making your sessions authentic, relatable and coherent. This will help you add depth, your own personality and will reduce your meditation preparation time to minutes.

Ditch The Script Facilitator Training

How it works

Since most facilitators are trained in different techniques, The Art of Guiding Meditations is compiled with simple and comprehensive lessons that will teach you how to adapt to all modalities while bringing in your own personality and style, allowing you to Unleash The Architect Within.

As humans, we’ve all experienced fear and courage, love and heartbreak, success and failure. Authenticity and relatability is the key to staying connected during your sessions.

You’ll learn how to bring your own dynamic flavor to your sessions with full confidence leaving behind the projections of self-judgement and perfection.

Bring Depth and design

Don’t design your meditations for the people, design your meditations as a pure reflection of yourself – the things you’ve been through, gotten through and even the things you want to achieve.

When meditations are designed for the people, we tend to project into what we think they need or want. Scripted meditations and basic exercises come from your headspace and can hide emotions, making your sessions robotic.

Learn to use your emotions as power and create relatability to your sessions, allowing connectivity and authenticity.

Ditch the script and guide sessions straight from your heart. This facilitation course is one-of-a-kind and will help you design any type of meditation or modality based on your own experiences which will add depth and relatability to your sessions.

Confident Facilitations

Your voice carries a vibration. When you practice speaking out loud, and nail it eventually, your cells and muscles will naturally remember how good it feels thus making the information embodied in you. 

From reading, to writing down, to speaking out loud, this process “the learning circuit” will allow you to access the information you have and communicate it anytime, anyplace and anywhere.

Live and breathe practicing your meditations out loud and you’ll get used to what you’re saying or how you’re guiding more and more.

Ditch The Script Facilitator Training​

Most Meditation Modules

Scripts take time to write, includes many revisions and makes it easy to become reliant on the scripts for your performance rather than for your session.

Too much structure can take out your emotions making your sessions more robotic which can make it less authentic and relatable to others.

Most educators and courses teach a standardized style, making it less about you as a facilitator and more about the performance of your facilitation.

Basic meditation approaches may not allow space for customizing sessions, which can make facilitators feel rigid and stuck.

One-Size-Fits-All approaches may be difficult to adapt for other modalities and techniques, which can hinder the competency of your sessions.

The Art Of Guiding Meditations Modules

Structure and guide meditations based on your personal themes and chosen modalities by rethinking how you view “the perfect session”.

Create your meditations based on what you’ve been through, challenges you have faced and pivotal moments that have sculpted the person you are today.

Bring your own personality and story as a facilitator to help guide people towards the opportunity to transform their own lives. 

Follow the full-circuit learning process to come out of the training fully embodying your own guidance and never forget what to say again.

Whatever techniques you may be trained in, these modules will help you adapt to all kinds of modalities without sacrificing the “Secret Sauce” of your sessions.

Become An Architect Of Guiding Meditations