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We’re told that Oxygen is the solution and Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) is a waste product. When in reality, CO₂ is the magical molecule that creates Oxygen Utilization – which is done through the Bohr Effect.

In layman’s terms, a rise of CO₂ in your body is what releases the oxygen from your blood cells so it can be transferred to your trillions of tissue cells that need it to thrive. This is the same reason why athletes go into high elevations to train for using oxygen more efficiently. You can do the same by simply learning to control your breath. 


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Steven Grant Whitney II

Steven Grant Whitney II

Steve specializes in the ancient science of Pranayama. He brings a powerful and unique energy by encouraging participants in all walks of life to step past their limiting beliefs and reconstruct a life they truly want through creative and visual meditation techniques: with breathwork, breath therapy, neurosomatics, traditional yoga, meditation, music therapy, and holistic health coaching.

Is there a secret tool?

Your body is an energy producing machine. All functions of the mind and body need energy to work properly. There’s one thing that every human being should do and focus on and that’s increasing energy production. The source of our energy comes from oxygen. This doesn’t mean to breathe more, but to breathe less. The magical molecule called CO₂ is the missing link in how we utilize oxygen in the body. Most people have low CO₂ levels and this limits their ability to get oxygen from their blood cells to their tissues cells which makes the body work harder to provide energy.

The key to providing energy is to start Intermittent Hypoxic Training (brief periods of less or lower oxygen) – this builds up CO₂ levels and moves the oxygen to your tissue cells. Having a regular practice of IHT will support your body to adapt to the environment you create which in turn helps you learn to become more efficient at producing energy. In Pranayama, the practice is: the less you breathe, the longer you live.

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