Energy To Action

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Imagine having a toolbox that you could use at any point of your day to keep you laser-focused and gives boundless energy while training your body to maintain it. Reach optimal states of health, peak energy, feelings of passion and achieving your goals in a simple, enjoyable way.

The course is structured daily to create your dedicated routine and flow. The content is set to become unlocked as you complete each lesson. Be mindful to not skip ahead so you can get excited to wake up and receive steps to building your ultimate morning routine.

Buckle up, Action Takers! Let’s get your energy to unstoppable states of flow!

Course Content

Here are a few things you need to know before starting the course.

  • The Correct Way To Breathe
  • How to do the Breathwork Routine

DAY 1: How To Correct Your Breathing
The quality of your resting breath is vital to your energy and health. In this session, you will set your goals through a 2 min breath-control method to begin optimizing your energy and health.

DAY 2: Relax (S – Statement Of Intent)
Here, we focus on a breathing method to become relaxed and then get clear on what you want. This phase will help you put your footprint into what it is YOU want!

DAY 3: Energy Type (M – Measurable Goals)
Following the Ayurvedic system, find out what your unique energy type is & learn how to balance it through a wide range of dietary recommendations. You will learn how create (Measurable Goals) with milestones to achieve and stay in flow with a 20min guided Breathwork Routine.

DAY 4: Identifying Ecstatic Movements (A – Achievable Goals)
Continue to build your daily routine by adding ecstatic, dancing movements - the key is to build up energy to achieve your goals in a high-vibrational state. You will start to identify if you have the means to achieve your goal.

DAY 5: Advanced Movements (R – Realistic Goals)
In this session, you will add fun, simple and unconventional yoga movements combined with breathing exercises that will fuel the fire that drives you further in for bigger goals!

DAY 6: The Shaking Method (T – Time Bound Boals)
Release the tension or disbelief that you can’t achieve your goals by shaking it off - LITERALLY! This phase will help you create a time-frame to your goals, break that down & give yourself tasks to complete within the time-frame you’ve set!

DAY 7: High Vibration & Sleep (A – Action Plan)
You may feel that you have resistance or beliefs that don’t align with your goals. Let’s harness that energy to transform your mindset so that it propels you forward with focus and positivity.

DAY 8: Expansion (S – Satisfying)
Expand on your routine options and change the components around according to your personal preference for a Satisfying approach to your goals.

DAY 9: Creating Magic (S – Sustainable)

DAY 10: Step Into Your Power
One last special method will be added in to bring you to peak states. You will take your action steps into that unstoppable state of flow towards your goal, expand on your routine and really move forward into creating Energy into Action. 

DAY 11: Time To Step Fully In
You finally have all the tools and techniques to put your Peak Performance Routine together to help you be at your best.

Day 12: Bonus
You have completed the 11 Day Energy To Action Challenge! Congratulations! Here you will find a full power 1 hr breathwork session to follow. Do this 1x a week to go deep and access that expanded state of mind. Use this to explore ideas, dreams and aspirations! Be proud of yourself for completing the 11 Day Energy To Action Challenge!


Your Daily Flow:

  • Daily explanations of your morning routine
  • Video guidance on how to follow your routine
  • Daily breakdown on each letter of the SMARTASS Goal System
  • Little challenges throughout the course
  • Bonus features and educational videos scattered throughout the course